“If you want to build a high-performance team, you need a reliable process for recruiting employees who fit your company values, and who can be as passionate about your vision and mission as you are. At a time in our company when we needed it most, David Bonney implemented his Hire To Fit system to recruit an army of phenomenal employees who literally transformed our business. His system will help you look past the smooth-talking misfits to find the team members that have the experience, skills, and passion to take you to the next level.”

Scott Martineau

Co-Founder, Infusionsoft


As your business scales, you are unable to do everything it takes to get the results necessary to grow. You have to build a team of people strong enough to build your business.

If you think there isn’t enough A-Player talent out there to do this, you’re wrong. You are missing the system that will attract and bubble up A-Players.

With this system, you will be able to find more A-Players. You will be able to put them through a hiring process that allows you to clearly identify who is the best fit for your business. You will learn core techniques that will help your A-Player hires as well as your current rockstars so you ultimately build an Elite Team that will build your business.

The few systems that do exist only focus on vetting candidates at a high level or teach surface level interview tactics.  This keeps you from maximizing the results, ultimately producing nothing more than average results. HireToFit dives into the heart of your business allowing your team to become the very foundation your business is built upon.

“I have known David Bonney for several years now. He has an incredible genius around hiring to fit… and specifically how to attract the right talent to your teams in a way that adds to your culture and produces serious results… while REPELLING everyone else. I have consulted with him as we’ve worked to improve our talent attraction and hiring results at NPE and his advice and direction has been invaluable. Building a successful company that can scale is ALL about the people and systems you develop. And without the right people… it’s dang near impossible to build all the systems you need and they become  meaningless because you won’t have anyone to run them! If you’re limited by staff and having the right people around you to grow, I highly recommend what David has to offer and say on this subject. It will be an investment that pays for years to come in your business success… and personal sanity.”

Sean Greeley

Founder and CEO, NPE


“No business owner should try to learn how to hire A players on their own.  That’s the fastest way to hire the wrong people.  Learning from David was the best move we could have made before we started hiring in our company.  The material dives deep and we walked away with confidence and direction.  Something every business owner must have!”

Devin and Melanie Duncan

Founders, MelanieDuncan.com

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