There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to…

Your very own Dream Team. Gone are the days of missed opportunity in your business because of a subpar or mediocre team.

Time to usher in the days of a rockstar team who you trust at a high level, and who trusts you. A high performing team that will treat your business like their own and help you build it to new heights.

There are three areas in your team building process where breakdown can occur, keeping you from this dream team.

  1. A recruiting strategy/message that attracts the wrong people
  2. A hiring process that isn’t systematically eliminating bad fits and bubbling up the great fits
  3. Retaining the great people you do have so you build a team of tenured rockstars

Which area is causing YOU the most problems?

You have people on your team who are typically only doing just enough.

The typical recruiting process is designed to attract people based on job features. Doing this creates teams of people who want to fulfill on job features to collect a paycheck… Not get the job done to push forward the cause of your business.

This shows up when they are not willing to go above and beyond for your customers or they aren’t hungry to grow their skill set so they can really improve the results.

If you spoke to me for two hours, would you invite me to live in your home… with your family?

The average interview process lasts two hours and is spent talking to one another from across a table…

Why do we let people into our work family after such a short period of time and a lack of true understanding on who they are? Why do we subject our A-Players to a new team member who can take away from the work environment they may love?

Is your hiring process your biggest blackhole?




You do have some A-Players on your team. But when you surround them with B and C Players they get frustrated and leave.

You have to retain your top people to ensure you are not losing valuable company knowledge and experience that is critical for the company’s ability to grow. When you lose an A-Player, you only have a 1-4 chance of finding another one. Not great odds.

Is retaining your top people your biggest blackhole?


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