Retain Your Rockstars

Losing your rockstar team members is a painful experience. All the time and energy you poured into them, training them to be a rock star. You count on them to deliver for your business and you are doing your very best to deliver for them…  And then they leave....

Mastering Your Recruiting Message

I would like to introduce you to a group of people… Please meet the widespread group called “The 8:01’s”. This group is causing huge problems in your business believe it or not. “The 8:01’s” work from 8:01 – 4:59, and do...

Recruiting That Gets A-Player’s Attention

GET FREE UPDATES It was all one big lie… The idea that you can’t recruit and hire a team full of people who wake up excited to drive the cause of your business forward is… well… ridiculous… Take a second to imagine something. Who is the...

The ONE Reason for Your Bad Hires

There has to be a better way… Everyday, over 100 million people wake up uninspired and unengaged by their current jobs. These people are peeling themselves out of bed, dispassionate about the day ahead. They are going through that day uninspired and unmotivated...

Learn the 6 Traits I Look for in Everyone I Hire

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