Losing your rockstar team members is a painful experience.

All the time and energy you poured into them, training them to be a rock star. You count on them to deliver for your business and you are doing your very best to deliver for them…  And then they leave.

How can we start to ensure that you don’t lose these people?

We have found the three biggest reasons A-Players/Rockstars leave your team.


  1. Their job is a grind. They do not clearly understand the positive impact your company is trying to have on the world and feel uninspired.
  2. They see no future. They are not feeling challenged to grow in a way that aligns to their future vision and feel bored.
  3. They feel undervalued the longer B and C players are allowed to exist on the team. They are tired of working alongside B and C players who frustrate them with their lack of commitment and results.

To solve #1…

you can take a look at our post on creating a compelling vision for your company. A compelling vision isn’t fluff. It is the way you inspire your people to come into work everyday to push forward a cause they care about, as opposed to work 40 hours to collect a paycheck.

To solve #3…

you can take a look at our post on how to create an effective hiring process to keep the B and C-players out. Creating an intentional hiring process that keeps out the riff-raff enhances the inherent value of every role on your team because everyone now knows only the best can earn a spot.

Now let’s get into #2.


A-Players are so important to you because they grow your business. And because they grow your business, you have to grow them. The law of reciprocity states so if you are to maintain balance in the relationship.

But “how do I effectively grow them,” is the big question.

If you coddle them too much, you are not stretching them to be better and they will get bored. If you challenge them too much, they will feel under appreciated and unfulfilled.


So you have to do both. You have to allow them to feel the balance of both support and challenge from you. This mixture will allow you to liberate their talents, creating such gratitude and appreciation for you, that they will have a tough time leaving. Why? Because they know the majority of other leaders won’t care enough to do that. Plain and simple.

A-Players are so good because they are hungry. They love to learn and want to be better. That’s why they are as good as they are.

Feeding that hunger is similar to building muscle. You stretch and tear muscles through weight training. Then you support and nourish those muscles to help them build back stronger than they were before with proteins and hydration. Building your A-Players is no different.


Our friends at GiANT Worldwide have created an amazingly powerful tool that is also simple to use with your people to help guide you in this process of balanced support and challenge.

We want to give it to you as an introductory product offering for just $7, so you can better understand…

Wait a second, you are giving me a tool that would save me tens of thousands of dollars in employee turnover for just $7?!? What’s the catch?”

No catch, this is our way of allowing you to make a small investment to see if HTF’s approach is a good fit for your team building efforts. If it isn’t, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. Guaranteed.

Building a high performing team can literally change the future of your business. I urge you to take the time to get your hands on this tool that has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to lead their teams to the next level.

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