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A hiring process that actually works.

Hiring can be one of the, if not the, most painful process entrepreneurs engage in.


Because the most widely used way of interviewing people is absolutely ineffective. If it wasn’t, then why is 73% of the workforce not engaged in their current roles? Why are entrepreneurs all over the world pulling their hair out over people who don’t care about their business and their customers as much as they do?

“Well it’s because there just aren’t a lot of great people out there,” you might say.


There are plenty of GREAT people out there. Most of them are just with the wrong companies. And that is because of an ineffective way of hiring and interviewing people.

This ineffective way of hiring can best be summed up in this video…

Is he a hunter? A hunter/gatherer? Did you love how he waited for an approving look when giving his answer?

Was he at his last job for 2 moons or 10 moons? Is there anyway of really knowing if candidates are telling you the truth in this type of interview process?

I have been duped before by people who embellish answers or just flat out lie to get a job and it was because this type of interview process give us little ability to know otherwise.

This is the same type of interview that is happening across the globe and it is one of the main reasons why you are building a team of people who are weighing your business down, keeping it from growing to its fullest potential.

I want to quickly take you through some major paradigm shifts you can make in your hiring process that will break you out of this archaic way of interviewing and make a world of difference.



1. Stop asking questions from across a table, and instead, engage candidates into skill set activities that reveal their character and attitude

2. Stop selling candidates on the role to fill the position quickly, and instead, objectively evaluate the candidate to ensure fit

3. Stop spending the same amount of time as the candidate in the hiring process, and instead, make the candidate spend more time so you can accurately evaluate who they are

4. Stop primarily assessing skill set, and instead, assess the candidates character and commitment

5. Stop creating a hiring process that only allows you to understand if you want to hire the candidate, and instead, create a process that helps both sides understand if fit exists in the relationship.

I teach these paradigm shifts to every private consulting client I work with and #1 is THE most important one, and the one we spend the most time on. Every entrepreneur I have worked with knows after about 2 weeks of a new hire coming on board if they made a good decision. There are things you saw that created comfort or caution.

The key to this, is to move that timeline up so you can see this before you give them a chance to have a negative impact on your customers and current team members.

I would love to give you the most popular example I use to teach my private consulting clients how to do this and do so for just $7.

Wait a second, you are giving me an example that would save me tens of thousands of dollars in employee turnover for just $7?!? What’s the catch?”

No catch, this is our way of allowing you to make a small investment to see if HTF’s approach is a good fit for your team building efforts. If it isn’t, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. Guaranteed.

Building a high performing team can literally change the future of your business. I urge you to take the time to get your hands on the example that has already helped some many entrepreneurs build a team that builds their business.

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