I would like to introduce you to a group of people…

Please meet the widespread group called “The 8:01’s”.

This group is causing huge problems in your business believe it or not.

“The 8:01’s” work from 8:01 – 4:59, and do just enough to keep their jobs.


That minimum requirement attitude weighs down your business and drives you crazy. But here’s the secret. It’s your fault. It’s your fault because it all starts with the terms of the original agreement. Here’s what I mean.

You want your people to do whatever it takes to get the job done and effectively serve your customers.

They typically only want to do just enough to ensure they keep their job and get their next paycheck.

And it’s because the original agreement was based on them fulfilling on objective job requirements. 


You have created a clear exchange with how you have recruited them in. You fulfill on these job requirements and in return I will give you this compensation package. This is why they don’t treat your company and your customers like their own. This is why they don’t do whatever it takes to get the job done.

The relationship was flawed from the beginning and it is very difficult to go back.


Instead of creating a feature-based recruiting message you have to begin crafting a benefit-based recruiting message. Speak to the benefits that top-talent is looking for. This will turn them from fulfilling on job features to wanting to achieve benefits.

What benefits should you speak to?

Well, according to Harvard Business Review’s study of over 70,000 top candidates, the two benefits top talent is looking for most in a job are:

  1. The opportunity to have a positive impact on the world
  2. The chance to be challenged

Speaking to these benefits will create a drastically different recruiting message that will in-turn create a drastically different relationship between you and your team members.

Check out these examples and feel the difference in the approach.



Were you even able to read the whole thing?

Notice the feature-based language in that job board. This is setting up nothing more than a transaction. Fill these job specs and we will give you this in return. This type of relationship creates mediocre performance across the board.

Now look at the difference in this recruiting message.



Notice how Apple keys in on a different message. One that touches on the positive impact the company has on the world as well as the challenge that awaits anyone wanting to participate.

And if you think this only works for companies like Apple, you’re wrong. Check out the recruiting message for the insanely successful Blue Fin Development Group. They are masters in the recruiting area of Austin Texas and it’s easy to see why.


How can you create your own compelling message? Speak to the two benefits HBR discovered in their research.

These are the benefits that will help you recruit people who want to jump out of bed ready to contribute to a cause and not just wake up and go to a job.

This is the primary difference between “The 8:01’s” and the A-Players on your team. 8:01’s do just enough and A-Players get the job done no matter what it takes. Speak to these two criteria and you will see a dramatic difference in your recruiting efforts.

If you are not clear on what that message should be for your company, we have created a formula that allows you to get clear on that. A message that speaks to the greater impact your company will have on the community it serves. A message that will inspire people to do whatever it takes to fulfill that impact.

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