It was all one big lie…

The idea that you can’t recruit and hire a team full of people who wake up excited to drive the cause of your business forward is… well… ridiculous…

Take a second to imagine something. Who is the best employee you have ever had? Let that person settle in your mind. Now, imagine if you had a team full of that type of person.

Too good to be true??? NOPE. Doing this is my passion and I want to extend my ability to do that to you.

Let’s start off with some good hardy data.

Harvard Business Review surveyed 70,000 of the most desirable candidates coming out into the job market. That survey revealed the two most important things they were looking for in their upcoming job search. The results showed they wanted:

  1. The opportunity to have a positive impact on the world
  2. The chance to be challenged in the role they were in

The most intriguing part of the study was that a high paying job or a company with cool perks were after thoughts. As a small business owner, the nature of your company’s work is perfectly aligned to these. Think about it. You are so much closer to your customers than the big corporations. You have plenty of challenges in trying to grow the business.

I see this as your strategic advantage.

These two things are going to be the key to you creating a recruiting powerhouse, nabbing up some of the most talented people in your area.

So how do we use this information to help you in your recruiting efforts? Yes, let’s get into that.

In the rarely seen presentation below, the late Steve Jobs gives us critical insight into how we need to communicate why our company exists in this noisy world.

The majority of businesses were born out of an opportunity the founder saw to have a positive impact on the world. As time goes by, that core belief and opportunity starts to get lost and companies begin to forget their inspiring purpose.

Why does Apple exist?

They believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.

This can be seen in their ads for the last 30 years. Check out this iPad Air commercial and see if the message is still consistent.

Apple’s why is clearly established whether we realize it or not, and people who agree with that why flock to them.

People who want to have that type of impact on the world want to work for them.

Their message is consistent all the way through, even to their job board.

I have taught business after business how to do this and the impact is always the same. Why? Because A-Players want to understand their opportunity to have positive impact and that can be achieved easily… you just need to understand your why.

Understanding why your company exists… the founder’s passion that once created the very idea of its existence, is the key. Simon Sinek has since elaborated on this idea with the Golden Circle which dictates that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The why is what draws people into a tribe.

A-players want to find tribes or teams of people that have a chance to make a difference in the world in their own unique way. A-players want to find tribes that want to impact the world in the way they want to impact the world. When they see that opportunity, they know it and are excited to do what is necessary to get the position and join that team.

So I ask you this critical question. What is your company’s why? Why does it exist?

Apple, at its core, believes that people with passion can change the world for the better. That is why they exist. That is who they serve. That is who they recruit. It’s not about what this demographic can do for Apple. It is about what Apple can do for this demographic. This is where inspiration lies. This is what should be at the heart of every business’ recruiting message.

Here are a couple of examples of smaller companies who are building amazing teams through this type of work.

Warby Parker
Sixth Division

Why you do what you do is inspiring…

How you do it is exciting.

Simon Sinek references the how as the second ring in the Golden Circle. Once people are inspired by why you exist, giving them the ability to understand how your team achieves this why is great for their visual projection.

Culturally, will they fit into the atmosphere you have created? Can they see themselves joining your tribe? We want to join a great cause, and we want to do so in an environment and with a group we feel we belong to.

But what needs to be described in that content?  Well, it’s not just the environment. That’s actually just a small part of it. It’s more about how you get the work done. Everyone has their own way of getting crap done. It is unbelievably effective when you can bring people together who do it the same way.

Doing this creates an environment of high trust which is at the foundational level of any high performing team. It brings together people with common character and attitude traits which will create an environment with low levels of drama and discord.

We obviously help businesses craft this, but for those not ready for our services, watch the below video from Atlassian. This does a great job of clearly telling the story of how they operate even with the use of foul-language. We don’t necessarily recommend that but I hope you get the point.

Your culture exists whether you like it or not. It is something that is organically created by your team. Atlassian uses their values as a way to proactively create and maintain their culture. By doing this, they avoid the pitfall that so many business owners deal with.

A culture they must react to because it has been created without them…

Those cultures are typically not filled with A-Players and here is a simple truth. A-Players run with other A-Players.

So if you need to be intentionally focused on proactively creating the culture that you want.

The last piece is what you actually create that ends up fulfilling your why. What you create is your opportunity to challenge A-players (#2 on the HBR list above). To challenge them, show them what it is you produce to achieve your why, if they don’t already know. Show them specific examples of what their specific role would create.

The what should flow seamlessly from the the why and the how.

This is the inspiring story of your company.

Those who are inpsired by it will be drawn to join your cause and waking up everyday for a cause is more powerful than waking up for a job.

This is the story the world will remember about your company. How you tell it is vitally important.

To start crafting your own story, use our 5 Questions Workbook and get a message you can start using immediately!

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